THE SEMINAR – Screenplay

The Seminar

A patient tutor, a stroppy student, and two impatient guards with a world to conquer.


So, the screenplay has been completed and, with the accompanying shot-list, is production-ready.

How, Where? It began as a 5-minute sketch several years ago and now stands as a 15-minute piece that takes its audience back to to  342 BC and a miserable winter’s afternoon in the ancient caves of the Nymphaion of Miera in Macedonia.


Who, What?  It is here that philosopher Aristotle – under the employment of  King Philip II of Macedon –  held his Elite School. Inside the caves – full of wonder, mystery and some danger – we experience the frustrations and joys in teaching the 3-act-dramatic structure to Alexander, the teenage Prince. However,  along with his impatient bodyguards, the future conqueror has better things to do.

The audience is thus captivated by the twisting Oedipal struggle between the two forces that is darkened by possible assassination and enlivened by moments of comic irony. And all taking place inside a pressure-cooker of rising tension.

Visual influence/reference:    St. Jerome by Caravaggio

By who? The tragi-comedy is designed to draw upon six actors, the craft skills of cinematographers, animators, editors, art designers, and, of course, a valiant and creative exective producer.  One core research source is here…

“When plotting stories and putting them into words one should do one’s best to visualize the events. By envisaging things while they happen, as if one were an eyewitness, one will discover what is appropriate and one will be less likely to overlook inconsistencies.”

Aristotle, The Poetics (Trans. Kenny, 2013